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Empowering writers, inspiring readers

These remain a vital source of education and inspiration in today's busy and bustling world, where digital diversions abound and attention spans are shorter than ever.

Taking your book to the top

The journey doesn't end after a book is written and published. Once your book is out in the world, you need to make sure it gets noticed by potential readers.

One-Stop-Shop for Publishing Needs

We provide access to a variety of other professionals, in addition to our core services, to ensure that your book is everything you want it to be, including artists and illustrators.

One-On-One Guidance

From start to finish, we make sure that the entire publishing process is smooth. We got you covered from cover design, editing, distribution, and marketing of your book.

Our expert team is focused on guaranteeing that each author's distinct voice and vision flourish through in their book.

Editorial Oversight

We have a strict quality control process in place to ensure that every book we publish is of the highest possible quality. 

Our editors and designers collaborate closely with each author to make sure that every book is polished.

Unique Publishing Solutions

We acknowledge that each author's needs and goals are unique, and we provide personalized solutions to meet those needs.

Our dedicated team works with each author to ensure that their book is published in line with their vision and goals.

Book promotion and distribution

Publish Now provides comprehensive marketing and distribution services to reach your target readers. 

We work with each author to create a customized marketing plan that maximizes the reach and impact of their book, from social media promotion, book tours,  and events.

Flexible Publishing Option

We value our promise.

Author-friendly policies are available at such competitive royalty rates and transparent contracts to assist  authors at every stage of the publishing process.

Book-centered content creation

There will be blog entries, articles, and videos about your book that will be provided by the team. 

These can be utilized on social media platforms to attract more readers.

Book subscription giveaways

A book giveaway is a fun and exciting strategy to get people excited and interested in your book.

This can be done through email marketing, social media announcements, and website promotions to make sure your fans and readers are updated.

Email Marketing

An email is an excellent tool for communicating with current readers and cultivating connections with potential new ones.

This advertises your book, informs readers about upcoming events or new releases, and offers exclusive content.


For the best chance of drawing in readers, we can enhance your book page with pertinent keywords, an engaging book description, and eye-catching images.

Pay-per-click advertising

Reaching a broader audience can be accomplished through paid advertising on social media, Google, and other platforms.

To make sure that the advertisements are seen by the correct individuals, we can target particular demographics, interests, and behaviors.

Professional Book Critiques

Good reviews can help your book become more well-known and credible, which will attract more readers and enhance sales.

It can help you build a solid author reputation and make the most of your publishing efforts by demonstrating the worth of your book to others.

Targeted influencer marketing campaigns

To promote your book to your avid readers and fans, we will team up with influencers or micro influencers in your genre.

This increases book exposure and helps you establish credibility in your market.


Building a website can be an effective marketing strategy for both your books and your reputation as an author.

A credible online presence can help you connect with your audience, promote your work, and offer useful ideas and information that will  develop your author platform and increase book sales.

Comprehensive manuscript evaluation

This service entails reading the manuscript to give the author a qualified evaluation of the work's advantages and disadvantages.

Our team will provide feedback on how to improve the manuscript's organization, pacing, characterization, and other elements

Copy editing

The readability, grammar, and style of the work are the main goals of this service.

It is the job of our copyeditor to check errors and improve grammar, punctuation, spelling, and syntax while ensuring consistency in style and tone.

Structural Editing

This entails carefully collaborating with the author to create the manuscript from conception to final output.

It emphasizes on the work's overall composition and content, which includes dialogue, character development, plot development, and pacing.


This is the last stage of editing before publication.

It is a more detailed process of evaluating the content to find any faults, including typos, grammatical mistakes, and other problems that might have gone unnoticed during earlier phases of editing.


Creating an extensive and user-friendly index for the book is known as indexing.

Also, it improves the book's value by assisting readers in finding the information they need fast.

Book Cover

First impressions are important, and the book cover is one of them. It catches the interest of readers.

Our cover designers collaborate closely with the author to produce a captivating cover that is appropriate for the book's subject matter and aligns the author's vision.

Layout Design

The font choice, margins, spacing, and other design components add to the book's overall appearance and result in a visually appealing layout for the book's pages.

Typeset Design

This is crucial for books since it makes sure the text is presented in an understandable and readable way.

By making the information more aesthetically pleasing, a well-designed typeset improves the reading experience and minimizes inconvenience


It can enhance the book's content and appeal to readers. Our visual services include creating custom illustrations or incorporating existing artwork into the book's design.

Outreach Services

To connect authors with retailers and librarians and to promote the visibility and accessibility of their works to readers, we offer bookstore and library outreach services.

Among the services are  author events, book signings, promotional materials, and other strategies to promote the books in bookstores and libraries.

Publishing rights

It helps authors sell translation rights to their work in foreign markets.

At the same time, more publishing opportunities and better exposure for the author's work.

Logistics and Demand

Rest assured that books produced are delivered efficiently and cost-effectively. 

To develop a successful writing career, authors must be able to concentrate on their original work while also making sure that their publications are accessible to readers on time and with reliability.

Author representation

We can represent an author in negotiating book deals on the author's behalf and overseas reaching more potential customers.

By handling the business aspects of publishing and assisting in promoting the author's work to a larger audience, the agency frees up the author to concentrate on their creative work.

Unleash the Power of your Thoughts

Welcome to Publish Now Publishing, where we celebrate diversity and inclusivity in the world of writing.

The company has enthusiastic people on board who have the creativity and passion for writing, and we are dedicated to giving writers from various backgrounds and experiences a platform on which to tell their stories to a worldwide audience.

Our company amplifies voices and ensures that every story is heard.

We offer a safe and welcoming space for writers to express themselves freely and openly, without passing judgment on their works.

Make your books now!

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Editing, proofing, layout

Editing, proofing, layout and cover design can be done at a moderate cost with good quality outcomes.

You can earn money

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The future of publishing is about having connections to readers and the knowledge of what those readers want.

- Seth Godin

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